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The best mood und vibes with Park n Ride band

The chill-out but still rock and pop band that loves to make their own music, yet hate to be broke and therefore plays weddings, proms and stuff as well.
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Bild von Iris


Our beautiful singer has deep awareness of what music can bring to our lives. Even as an unborn child music affects you in multiple ways. It´s like a staple food!

With 13 she took up singing and practiced a lot. When we first heard her singing, we were completely stunned of the perfection in power and emotion. With confidence in her voice, it´s her goal to affect people and to make them dance. She is adventurous, nosey and likes to meet new challenges.


Bild von Rene


Founding and most important member - at least in his perspective :). Because he is the only guitar (if one doesn't count bass) he seems to be always in the front. The solo is his comfort-zone! This talented boy can move his fingers so fast that only one eye can't tell. But with growing knowledge of his intrument and playing in bands for so long, he finally acknowledged that there are also other talented members in the band and soloing slow with the right tones and rhythm is the real hard thing.


Bild von Emu


One of the founding members and the man who has the back of the band. He is writing most of the texts and altough you might think they have no sense, there is deep thinking behind them. If you got a nice riff - our Emu-bird got an even better text. On stage - it's unbelieveable - he interacts with the audience like he is in front of the stage. "Hell yea, wtf am I doing here?!" Emu takes the crowd with his funny expressions and his endless good mood!


Bild von Pascal


There is probably no cooler founding member of Park 'n' Ride than Basscal. His presence on stage and during rehearsals is simply stunning. Apart his coolness he always knows how to play smooth 'n' funky bass lines, which harmonizes perfectly with them drums. During the last few years Pascal & Emu became one. Although he talks little, he actually will open his mouth at the right moment to make a joke or to take care of difficult situations. And by the way ... this homepage is completely his fault! :)